Home Y DNA Test

Our Y-Chromosome DNA test identifies direct male lineage. This paternal-relative (Y-STR) comparison test, also known as a paternal lineage test, can confirm a relationship to a relative on the direct-male line. This test is also used to provide additional evidence in difficult paternity situations in which a possible father is not available for testing—indirectly, it can tell you whether or not a child is related to the possible father’s brother(s) and other male relatives who share a common paternal line. This costs as low as KES15,000/= per profile.

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Is Home DNA Test the right choice for me?

If the test is not for legal purposes and you are unable to physically come for test or you just prefer the convenience of doing the test at the comfort of your home, then the home DNA test kit is the ideal choice.

The kit contains instructions and materials needed for sampling. You do not need to visit the lab. Simply collect sample and send them off to our lab.

It’s just that simple!

Still not sure if the test is right for you?
Are results for a home paternity test just as accurate as for a legal one?

Yes; results for a home paternity test are just as accurate as the legal DNA test.

Can results of a home DNA test be used for legal purposes?

Home DNA test results cannot be used for legal purposes e.g., such as child support, this is because DNA is collected by test participants and identities of tested parties cannot be independently verified by the testing lab.

Home Y DNA Testing Procedure

Your DNA test is confidential and the results will not be disclosed to third parties without your authorization

Order Online

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Collect DNA

The collection kit will be sent to the address you provide, follow the instructions provided for easy DNA sample collection using a swab.

Use envelope included in your kit and send it via a courier service.


Test is Processed

Your DNA test will be processed and reviewed within 5 – 10 working days


Receive Results

Once testing is complete, we email the results to you or send by courier at an additional fee, you can also opt to come for a hard copy of the results.

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