DNA Testing

DNA test can be for legal or personal knowledge. The type of test chosen depends on what you intend to use the DNA test for.

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We offer two types of DNA testing 

A legal DNA Test

A legal DNA test is required as evidence in a court of law. The sampling procedures must follow a strict chain of custody documentation process to ensure that the results are legally defensible.

Personal Knowledge DNA Test

The process is less stringent.
You can opt for self-collection, you can order for the test online, or you can come to our laboratory and have the sample collected for you.

Our DNA Testing Options

Paternity Test

DNA paternity test determines whether a tested man is the biological father of a tested child.

Maternity Test

This determines whether a tested woman is the biological mother of a tested child.

Siblingship Test

This analyses and compares the DNA of two or more potential siblings to see if they share one, two or neither parent.

Y Chromosome Test

This identifies direct male lineage. It can be used to determine whether on not the tested individuals share a common paternal lineage.

Forensic DNA testing

This can be useful in linking unsolved crimes, finding a suspect, identification of individuals following a mass fatality incident, solve sexual assault cases and identification of missing persons in morgues.

Individual DNA Profiling

Private individuals may also choose to obtain records of their DNA profiles in case identification is ever needed.

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